Guest Post: Tinder as an educational platform

Thanks to the guest who submitted the following experience! 

I don't necessarily deem this "disrespectful." I understand that there is a lack of dialogue around non-binary identities out there. However, I've taken the time to identify AND explain myself in my bio (something I shouldn't *need* to have to do), and like anyone else, I'm here to seek whatever I'm seeking, be it a (respectful, please) hookup, a flirtatious conversation, or simply human company. I'm here to feel like a person. And when I have to spend HOURS trying to just explain the entirety of gender theory to you, when are we ever going to flirt and when I am supposed to blow you away with my insane seduction skills?!?!

It's really not that hard to Google. It's kind of sexy to know you've put in the effort to respect me, so that we have the time to talk about the tiny, beautiful things that actually make me who I am beyond these "big-sounding" identity pieces. Do us both a favour.